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At we conceptualize, design and develop websites that enhance your branding and exceed expectations. Our web developers have the expertise to deliver performance-based solutions for your business, whether it’s building content management system (CMS) based websites, developing customized solutions, establishing landing pages or creating web applications. We work hard to turn your creative ideas into rich applications with our web development process. We’re here to help you succeed online.

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Our Web Development Process

This initial phase is extremely critical because it requires a solid comprehension of your company. We need to know and understand what your business goals and dreams are and how the web can be utilized to help you achieve those goals.
High Level Details
Using the information gathered from “Requirements,” we will then establish a high-level plan for your web development project. This is when you will receive an outline detailing each step in the process.
Information Architecture
Once the “High-Level Details” phase is complete, we will work with your ideas to provide navigation schemes that are concise, descriptive and mutually exclusive.
Functional Specs
This step allows you to see what a web project or application looks like before it is developed. Functional specs detail what the finished product will do, how a user will interact with it, and what it will look like.
The developmental stage is the point where the project is created. At this time, we will use all of the individual elements from the “Functional Specs” (contents, graphics, media items, etc.) to create the actual, functional site.
During the testing phase, we attend to the final details of the project. We test for last-minute browser compatibility issues to determine that each element of your site is functioning. This phase ensures that your web site is optimized so that it can be viewed properly in the most recent versions of each web browser.
After completing the “Testing” phase, your web project is ready go live. Once it is up and running we carefully monitor web traffic activities for several days to confirm that all items are working smoothly.
Your project is live – but that’s not the end of our process. We are here to field any issues that may come up while your site is live, and we are always willing to explore new ideas that may develop over time. Our job is never done.

We enjoy doing web development for our clients to maximize their online success. If you would like to discuss your web development requirements then get in touch.