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Ensures that Your Website is Designed Search Engine-Friendly from the Bottom Up

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing tool for any website with the ability to drive traffic. It is extremely important to position your company with a competitive edge by utilizing a transparent approach to SEO. Once a stable organic listing is established, maintaining and improving your site’s organic ranking is achieved through a consistent level of SEO activity. helps you achieve targeted leads from the organic results and then convert them into sales.

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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

SEO Analysis
  • Analysis of existing website structure
  • Google indexing frequency
  • Page rank
  • Age of your website domain (.com or .net, etc.)
  • Analysis of inbound link popularity and internal linking process
  • Analysis of outbound link volume ratio compared with inbound links
  • Identify percentage of no-follow and follow links
  • Analysis of meta tags, H1 tags and title tags as viewed by search engines
  • Evaluation of keywords that drive website traffic
  • Local search optimization (Google Places and Maps)
Keyword Research
We provide keyword research as a strategic exercise to determine the queries for which your site is most relevant and can feasibly expect a return, then optimize your site accordingly
Competitor Analysis
  • Track top keywords
  • Track rankings
  • Analyze site structure
  • Linking initiatives/authority
  • Check backlinks
  • Evaluate social presence
Website Optimization
    • Sitemap creation and submission
    • Optimization of site navigation structure
    • Optimization of HTML5 code
    • Individual page SEO
    • Removal of unnecessary code or scripts
Blogs/ Micro-sites (Landing Pages)
We help you:

  • Understanding content expansion (writing fresh, original content on a regular basis)
  • Defining niche-market focus
  • Create email opt-ins
  • Interlink your blogs or landing pages with other pages
  • Enable call to action items using mini-forms/ click to call items

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Link Building
We help you create links on massive amounts of social bookmarking sites, related blogs, and forums in order to generate quick traffic and create buzz in the social media framework for your website. This is also beneficial to search engines, as every link created is counted as a vote toward page rank.
Our clients can access website ranking reports, Google Analytics reports and insights (page ranking, content analytics, Google+ and mobile analytics) and link-building reports.

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