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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of gaining traffic from or visibility on search engines. SEM is an umbrella term that covers two broad areas:

  1. Gaining traffic through free SEO efforts
  2. Gaining traffic through paid search advertising increases your website’s traffic by using online promotions and web marketing (SEM and SEO) techniques.

Research Facts

  • Sponsored results account for 65% of clicks for keyword searches that imply high commercial intent.
  • Total click-through rates for Google ads on high-commercial-intent queries are up to 600 times higher than the click-through rate for ads on a typical Facebook page.
  • If advertisers buy ads for keywords for which they already organically rank well, 89% of traffic generated by the search ads is new traffic outside of organic reach.
  • 45% of people couldn’t identify paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) if those results weren’t listed in a column down the right side of the page, according to one survey.

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Key SEM Elements

So which is a better option: SEO or SEM? Well, it all depends on nature of your business, website traffic, marketing budget, competition etc. Essentially, we have found that SEM (immediate traffic) won’t work without SEO (long-term traffic), and vice versa.

Our experienced professionals can help you determine a strategy by utilizing industry standards, techniques and tools. To get more information on SEM deployment get in touch or call us (617) 302-7864.